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The Greek Maze is the straight hallway with several branches off of it, but the  way out is at the end of the hallway. Try to make things complicated by travelling  down the branches, and you'll just get more lost. Simplify by walking straight  down the hallway, and you find your way out. What the hell am I talking about?  The need to sometimes simplify.

 Poker is no different that anything else; it can studied to death. And the learned  player definitely has an edge over the one winging it. But, a player can excel in  poker by relying on gut and simple thought process, instead of mathematics and  poker theory. For your use below is a simple chart outlining your options in a  betting round.

 Aside from the draw, all decision-making in poker is made on the betting round.  A lot of thought can go into those decisions, but the decisions themselves are  simple ones. Each of the point forms on the following pages are links to further  explanation found beneath the image. Note that this deals with simple poker- playing. While it does take bluffs and slowplays into consideration, it does not  take any of the advertising into consideration that you may use to deceive other  players.


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