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Specialize, find machines that you understand and play them. Don't play just any machine. Learn what machines appeal to you and stick with them, we all have favourites that's part of the fun.

Take a chance, if you are up you can afford to take a chance on high end machines even the 5.00 slots. If you do get a Read the machine, make sure you understand the payoff schedule on any slot you play, you will avoid disappointment. Once you have done this you will avoid certain machines.

One coin play, you don't need to play three coins at all times, particularly on high end machines, $1.00 $5.00 and up. Find machines that will allow one coin play and still payout the maximum. I am not talking about pay for play type machines nor three or five liners. I am talking about single line machines that payout on all symbols for 1 coin. You will sometimes think, gee if I had played three coins I would have won three times as much, beware the Casinos main weapon.... Greed.

Set your own rules, because a machine takes up to 5 plus coins does not mean you have to play that many. If you read the machine you will see, in many cases, that the payout per coin is exactly the same relative value. In other words many slots will pay X for 1 coin and 2X for 2 coins and 3X for 3 coins.

Read the machine cycles, this one is still up for grabs but my experience says that slots pay-off in cycles. They go through a "take" cycle and they go through a "pay"cycle. Needless to say the "take" cycle lasts much longer than the "pay" cycle.


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